Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bret Favre In Heaven

So the day finally comes when NFL legend Bret Favre passes from this world to the next. Thankfully he made it to heaven and when he gets there he is met by God Himself. God is showing him around, taking him on the streets of gold, hanging out with some of the top angels, and such. Finally God takes Bret Favre to his house.

It is a pretty humble house. Two story, modest. Hanging on the outside is a small flag with the emblem of the Green Bay Packers. Bret Favre is pleased with his new home and begins to walk down the path to the front door.

As he walks by he sees out of the corner of his a huge mansion. Three stories tall, Bret Favre is amazed at the beauty of it. The walkway is painted blue and silver. All the windows have a giant blue star on them. In the front lawn is a giant flag proudly waving the emblem of the Dallas Cowboys.

Bret Favre looks from his house to the mansion a few times and turns to God and says, "Now I dont want to seem ungrateful Lord, but I'm the league's all time leading quarterback. I'm a Hall of Famer. How come Tony Romo gets that huge mansion and I only get this small little place?"

God begins to chuckle and pats Bret Favre on the shoulder and says, "Oh Bret Favre. That's not Tony Romo's house. That's mine."

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