Monday, October 22, 2007

Jesus in a Gay Bar

If you check out the cool stuff over to the right, you'll see a link to AudioJunky's blog. Click on it and you'll discover someone who is extremely profound in his thinking and writing. In one of his blogs, he makes the following comment:

Does that mean we need to be going into the bars, clubs, porn shops, etc. No, but it means that we need to be sitting down and concentrating on how we can reach the people who's lives are ripped apart by these things instead of pointing out their sins.
Well before I say anything, let me state that this is not an argument and is not intended to be read with any sort of malice or malcontent. It is merely a statement of my opinion.
I truly believe that if Jesus were alive today you would see Him in some very unlikely places, such as gay bars, clubs, and crack houses. Look at His ministry and the crowd He was around. Prostitutes. Tax collectors. Thieves and whores. He very plainly said that healthy people dont need a doctor, sick people do. I wouldn't be surprised if people would expect to see Jesus at a church conference being held by one of America's Mega Churchporations. Well that's not the case. You would find Him in the alley, holding the hand of the dope fiend, telling him that He offers the bread of life.
Well we are called to do the same, are we not?
We are called to go into all the world and tell them all the wonderful news of His love for us and the sacrifice He made. At what point did we forget how He witnessed? Yeah ok, Jesus went to the temple and read from scripture. He spoke to the masses. He did of few of the things that Churchporations do now, but that wasn't His focus. His focus was on the sick.
Please dont think I'm saying this stuff as an excuse to go party like a rockstar or anything like that. I'm only saying that Christians need to get out there and get their fingernails dirty.
I do have more to say on this matter but I have to get to work.

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Denny said...

thanks for that,

just to clarify, I completely agree with you. That statement was meant more as a, we shouldn't use it as a means to justify sins.