Thursday, August 23, 2007

The start of it all

Well this is the first little blog i'll be posting here. Let's see how often I can keep it up. I guess I can start it off by telling you who I am, if you don't know already.

I call myself ExWindChaser. If you read the book of Ecclesiastes you will understand why. I'm 22 years old, but my 23rd is a couple weeks away. I was raised in the church and I love me some Jesus. He is my first. My last. My everything in between. I would be nothing without Him. He is the reason I write. Don't be surprised if He is mentioned in most of, if not all, of my blogs.
Once upon a time I attended one church. Then I felt called to another. I took a huge step of faith and left the One Church and all my family and lifelong friends for the Another Church. I still love everyone from One Church and still keep in contact with them. This was nearly two years ago, and I have made many new friends at Another Church whom I feel as if I have known them my whole life.
Right now I work Here. Here is a pretty good job. It's very challenging. Everyday offers something new. Everyday I walk out feeling like I learned something new. Up until now I have always worked in retail or customer service, but Here I don't have to deal with customers or service or people in general (except my coworkers) which is ok because it didn't take me long after I started working to realize that people can really suck.
Even though people can suck, people need Jesus

I will end this first blog with this. I urge you to call out to Jesus. If you don't know who He is or what he has done, let me tell you.
When this world and you and I were created, God desired nothing more then to be with us. He gave us dominion over all that was in it. He walked and talked with us in the garden. Then the day came where we decided we didn't need God and we wanted to live our own lives. We stepped away from the rules and guidelines He set up to protect us. It broke His heart, but since He is perfectly Just, we now have to suffer the penalty for this sin, which is death. However, in His all-encompasing love, He saw fit to send His only Son to pay the price for our sin by dying a criminals death. This is how much He loved us, that He would send His only Son to die in our place. His love for us was so great that it pleased Him to see His son torturted mocked and murdered in our stead.
The true victory comes when three days later the Son rose from the dead! He died the perfect death, being the perfect sacrifice, and paying the perfect price so that you and I could choose to live together with Him and the Father for all eternity!
This is the gift He gives us freely, all we need to is acknowledge the error of our ways and recieve the amazing gift of eternal life and we will live with Him forever!

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